Monday, December 10, 2012

Chanukah Stories to Share

In Rabbi London's Chanukah message, she asked us to share with the congregation our favorite Chanukah story (personal or otherwise). Below are some responses:

My favorite story that's suitable for Chanukah (since it's set in a very significant snow scene) is I. B. Singer's "Zlateh the Goat." The story is delightful, with tension and danger that's resolved very happily with a goat and a young boy, and the theme is lovely. It's probably too long for preschoolers, but for grade school kids, it's very nice. I read it to my own kids more than once, and I even read it aloud to my son's public school class when he was in (I think it was) second grade, and I was invited to read "something about Chanukah." Simply put, it's a magical story.
- Janice Weiss
My favorite story comes from the book "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins" by Eric A. Kimmel. In the story, there is a little Jewish town on top of a hill. As a traveler (Hershel) passes through on Hanukkah, he notices that there are no Menorahs out. When he asks the villagers why, they reply that their are goblins who don't like Hanukkah and forbid the lighting of the candles. The only way the villagers can celebrate Hanukkah is if Hershel can convince the Goblin King to light the Menorah candles himself.

When I was too little to read, I was fascinated by the pictures. As I grew, and saw all my friends celebrating Christmas, I learned to appreciate the underlying message of the story; being proud of who you I was and not letting anyone else make me feel differently."
- Margaux